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Hamskea - Trinity Target Pro Arrow Rest
Hamskea - Trinity Target Pro Arrow Rest

New for 2019!
Another top quality arrow rest from Hamskea Archery - The Trinity Target Pro.


Full windage and vertical micro-tune adjustment.

G-Flex launcher is the latest revolution in the archery industry. This composite launcher has a tapered design that puts rigidity at the mounting base, while still offering a flexible reactive portion towards the tip for ultimate forgiveness. The durable synthetic material wont rust or hold bends from high use or centripetal force often experience with limb driven rests.

The launcher shaft features three over-sized sealed stainless steel ball bearings that rotate smoothly shot after shot.

Delta V arrow holder keeps your arrow in place during the draw cycle. This can be removed for those that prefer a riser mounted arrow guide.

Inline dampening coil spring helps to smoothly transfer the force from the limb to the rest during the shot. This minimises the internal abuse that typically occurs with limb driven rests.

The new Easy Glide Cord Tensioner is designed to allow archers to quickly adjust or release the tension on their activation cord without the need of allen wrenches.

Zero stop technology allows the shooter to adjust the travel range of the launcher to match their specific needs. This gives you the ability to adjust the launcher pitch to account for clearance of their specific cane choice.

The Internal Torsion Spring Adjustment knob gives you the ability to change the internal spring tension of your rest. So you can fine tune, for different weights / Spines of arrows.

Only available in Black.

Price: £189.95