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** These services are only available via prior appointment **

Please contact us on 01767 262 533 to arrange an appointment.

Our telephone lines are available from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday's

Our labour costs are charged at 45.00 per hour to 1 1/2hrs. 

So if you are booked in for a 1 hour time slot and during that time, we fit you new strings and cables but also do a bow service, then you will only be charged s total amount of 45.00. 

If the works you need take less than or more than an hour, the labour costs will be charged accordingly or at a rate of 15.00 for per Half mins.  

Below is a list of the services that we offer, shown  with an estimated cost of that service. 

**These prices are only estimates and so are subject to change. 

COMPOUND BOW SERVICE - 45.00 per bow
Your bow will be completely stripped down, all axles, cams, spacers, cable guard, screws etc will be thoroughly cleaned. Moving parts will be prepared in high quality silicone, to ensure smooth running. The bow will then be rebuilt and the cams, axles and limbs fully aligned, to aid consistency.

Prior to taking the bow apart, measurements will be taken for Brace Height, Poundage, Draw Length, Nocking Point Height, Peep Sight Position, Cam Rotation etc.

These will all be double checked, to ensure you receive your bow back at the same spec it arrived in. Unless of course something was out of spec, in which case we will contact you to check, before making adjustments.

SIGHT ALIGNMENT - 20.00 per bow
Your bow sight will be fully adjusted and set up, so that your scope is in line with your sight and your sight is in line with your bow. This will stop windage adjustments as distances vary - 3rd axis will also be aligned where possible - for shooting on the slopes.

FULL SERVICE - 55.00 per bow
includes the Basic Compound Bow Service and Sight Alignment

All service costs include, labor, cleaning & lubricating materials, use of professional equipment, but replacement parts (such as strings, cable slides, washers, axle spacers, etc) are in addition to listed price. Verbal estimates will be given prior to work being carried out.


We will put your bow on the bow press, remove the old strings / cables and fit the new ones. We will ensure that everything goes back the same (unless otherwise instructed) and fit served nocking points. We will check that there are no differences in the draw length and poundage. 

This price does not include the price of the strings and cables only the labor costs of fitting to the bow. 


We will put the bow on the bow press, fit and tie in the peep sight. 

This price does not include the cost of the peep sight - only the labor costs involved in fitting to the bow.


We will spend the time with you to ensure that your peep sight has been put in the right position. Once the alignment is correct we will then tie the peep sight into position. 

This price does not include the cost of the peep sight - only our time and labor costs involved in fitting to the bow.

D-LOOP FITTING SERVICE - 1.50 per loop

Need a new D-Loop tieing in then we can do it for you. We use professional D-Loop pliers to stretch the loop properly ensuring a tight fit. 

This price does not include the cost of the D-Loop material - only the labor costs involved in fitting to the bow.

RE-SERVING SERVICE - Center serving 15.00. End serving 15.00 each end. Cable Guard Serving 10.00 per cable.

We will carefully remove the old serving material from the strings / cables and re-serve them using only the highest quality BCY Serving material. We will ensure the new material used is similar if not the same to the existing (unless you instruct us otherwise). 

This price includes the material and labor costs. 


Arrows purchased from The Archery Company are cut to length for free.

Arrows NOT Purchased from The Archery Company :- 0.40 Per Cut

Remove point - Cut Arrow & refit point - 1.00 per arrow.

Arrows not purchased from The Archery Company can be cut down by us on our professional arrow cutting saw for the cost of 40p per arrow. 

Arrows purchased from The Archery Company are cut for free at the time of purchase. Additional cutting will be charges at 40p per arrow after the time of purchase.  

This price includes the labour costs. 

Release Aid Service - 35.00 - per item.

If you are having problems with your release aid, then a simple clean up or replacement of springs might be called for. 

This can be a tricky thing to do yourself, as the casings are hard to get into and there are lots of small, intricate parts that make a release aid work. So why not let us take away the hassle for you?

In a service we will take apart the release aid, clean all parts, lubricate it, check everything is working as it should be and then put it all back together for you. Ensuring that it is in full working order when we are finished. 

If we find something to be broken during the disassembling process, then we will notify you as soon as possible. The cost of any replacement parts, is not included in the service price and will charged additionally. If a release aid is found to be non repairable then you will still be liable to pay for our time, up to that point. This will be charged proportionately. 

* If in the highly unlikely event that something becomes damaged during the service, we will not be held responsible as unfortunately due to the nature of this work, it cannot be guaranteed. 

** If the release aid you have is still under Warranty from the Manufactures - please send the release aid to them directly, or via their UK Distributor to get the work done by them. 

*** Taking apart a release, by anyone will instantly void any warranty