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Firstly, and we think most importantly, everyone who works here is an archer. 

If you need advice, the chances are we have been there and will be able to help. 

We are not just a shop that sells archery equipment, we are active archers who
love archery so much that we have taken it up full time. 

           Tony Weston
           Tony Weston - Owner of The Archery Company.

           Tony has been an archer for many many years. He has won numerous
           National and International titles and has coached everyone from beginners
           to World Champions. He loves all things archery and is well known on
           many of the Archery circuits and also competes on the European Pro Archery Series
           and in the Open Pro Class on the ASA Circuit in the USA.  He is hands on with the
           business and loves helping archers with coaching/bow adjustments. Nothing beats being
           able to sign off a beginner and introduce them to this amazing sport.

           Karen Carter-Pearson
           Karen aka "That woman that works at The Archery Company".
           Originally from the Staffordshire area, she is married to Martin who also works for Tony.

           She looks after the website and the Facebook / Twitter pages.
           She processes a lot of the orders and answers the phones to you guys.

           She has been shooting since she was 9 and has a few National titles under her belt.
            2015 was Karen's most successful year to date as she placed 1st in all of the                                                                                       Championships she entered. 
           One of her proudest achievements was coming 3rd in the IFAA European Bowhunter                                                                               Championships.

          Martin Pearson
          Martin generally does the arrow & string making, bow maintenance, set-ups and coaching.
          He is very technical and always on hand to give advice.

          He got into archery as he joined an after-school club that Tony was running. Like all of us
          he started archery at a young age and it has taken him all over the world.
          Martin has won National Championships and medals at international events.
          He loves all the new gadgets and trying out different things with his equipment.
          Anything technical - he's your man!

           Bella Carter - Pearson
           The prettiest member of the Team - Bella!

           Bella regularly comes to shoots with us and loves to meet everyone! She will often sit at the
           entrance to the trailer, just so everyone has to stop and cuddle her!

           She loves following the customers around the shop and hopping into their bow bags for a
           nap when they are not watching.