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** These services are only available via prior appointment **

Please contact us on 01767 262 533 to arrange an appointment

Our telephone lines are available from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday's

Individual Coaching Session - 45.00 per session
Individual coaching is available for all levels of archers  by appointment only.

Sessions normally for just over an hour.

Are you struggling to reach the next level in your shooting? Need help sorting out a problem or want to be shown how to do something on your equipment - then come and see us! Tony and Martin have proven success with their coaching abilities and problem fixing when it comes to setting up equipment. Just ask any of our customers and take a look at their own impressive Archery careers. 

Our coaching sessions can cover anything you like, from perfecting a problem with form, bow set up, arrow making, we can look at bow tuning as well as, technique and competition systems - anything you want. 

Hooter Shooter Session - 45.00 per session with a member of staff to help Or 20.00 per session un-guided

The Hooter Shooter is a machine that will shoot the compound bow with perfect form, so that you can really look at your equipment, and identify whether the bow is performing to the level that you want. 

The Hooter Shooter shoots with such precision and with perfect form that it will place the

same arrow into the exact hole at 20 yards.

This precision of this machine means that it can help to show up any issues like: changes in the bow, variations in arrows (flight / spine selection etc), arrow rest alignment, bow orientation etc etc. 

The Hooter Shooter will shoot most 2 cam and single cam Compound bows, using most hand held releases . However, for obvious reasons Back tension releases cannot be used. We also have an adapter so the machine can now accommodate wrist strap release aids. 

It is important to realise that this machine is engineered to shoot a bow as a machine, so perfectly with no flaws. And so it will not compensate for how an  individual shoots, it will only show you if there are issues with your equipment set up. 

Beginners Coaching / Have a go sessions - 45.00 per session - Plus equipment hire 10.00 per person

Never done archery before and would love to have a go? We offer a beginners session for groups of up to 5 people at a time. 

Sessions normally last just over an hour. During the session you will be shown the basics of how to put together and shoot a recurve bow. Once you have mastered the basics you will then head on up to our outdoor 3D target range for some fun! 

Corporate Coaching and Entertainment is available. An introduction to archery is given, followed by a practical but fun shooting session.

All equipment supplied - phone for full details.