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Carbon Express X-Buster Arrow Shafts
Carbon Express X-Buster Arrow Shafts
Price per Shaft £11.65
Discounted 1 Dozen Price £126.00 (£10.50 per Shaft)

9.3mm FITA and NAA rules. The X-Buster is heavier in grains per inch than CXL Pro arrows, and the additional weight eliminates the need for archers to "tune down" their equipment in order to obtain slower, more forgiving indoor speeds.

The X-Buster also delivers the proper spine at the correct weight, eliminating the need to stack additional weight into the point.

Designed to be 50 percent stronger than competitor's indoor target arrows, the X-Buster arrows will last longer without giving up shooting performance or accuracy.

Ultra Tuff Construction - For hard density indoor targets including stramit material.

Five Spine Sizes - Will fit most target archer's spine requirements even recurve bow archers.

Diamond Coat Finish - Provides smoother draw and easier pulling from a target.

BullDog Nock Collar - Unrelenting strength for nock-end impacts.

Pin Nock Adapter - Precision accuracy accepts all standard pin nocks.

Straightness - +/- 0.0025"

Weight tolerance - +/- 1.0 grains

Spine Selection Tolerance - +/- 0.002"

Shaft Spine Grains Per Inch Outer Diameter Shaft Length Internal Diameter
700 .701" 8.9 .327" 31" .284"
600 .584" 9.0 .329" 31" .284"
500 .493" 9.0 .358" 32.5" .318"
400 .396" 9.5 .360" 32.5" .318"
350 .323" 10.2 .363" 32.5" .318"

The Carbon Express X Buster Arrow Shafts are sold with Pin Nock adapters and Bulldog Collars

If Item is out of stock you can place a back order. Delivery is usually within 2 to 4 weeks. We will notify you of an ETA when we receive your order.

Examples of components that fit these shafts are shown below.
Be sure to check that the components you choose fit the Spine size of your shafts

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Price: £11.65

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