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G5 Outdoors - Montec Preseason Broadheads
G5 Outdoors - Montec Preseason Broadheads

The Pre Season Montec is dimensionally identical to the Montec providing predictable characteristics of flight and accuracy when using either broadheads.

This eliminates the difficult transition from field point to broadhead and minimizes the need for field points. The rounded edges of the Pre Season reduce wear on targets and make it safe for use in practice. The dark grey color of the lubricious wear resistant coating easily distinguishes it from the hunting version of the Montec

Quick Specs:
3 pack
100 percent Steel Tough
Eliminates Need To Re Tune
Available in 100 or 125 Grains
One Piece Construction
100 percent Spin Tested
1 1/8 inch Cutting Diameter

YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT Please be aware that we will carry out verification checks on all Knife and Blade purchases.

It is illegal to use bows to hunt any wild animal in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

Price: £29.00