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Olympic Recurve Kit with Aluminium Arrows
Olympic Recurve Kit with Aluminium Arrows

This Olypmic Recurve Kit is at a very special price and saves you in the region of just over £30.00 off the Recommended Retail Prices. Amazing Value for Money

Using only quality products this Olympic Recurve Kit gives you all you need to get competing. Comes complete with 8 Easton XX75 Platinum Plus Arrows.

Gonexo, Refine or similar 25" Recurve Riser
Core Element or Prelude or similar Limbs
Reign, 8125 Bow String
Webbing Bow Stringer
Avalon, Classic Tournament Sight
Avalon Classic Platform Finger Tab
Plastic Arm Guard - Probably AAE Elite or LeBrunet
Avalon Tyro Carbon Longrod Stabilizer
Arrow Rest
Plunger Button
Avalon Tec One or Classic Side Quiver and Belt
Avalon Quick Fold Bow Stand
String Wax
8 x XX75 Aluminium Arrows, Crested, Fletched, Nocked and Pointed
CR, Finger Sling
Avalon, Arrow Puller
Avalon Tyro Back Pack Bow Case with Arrow Tube

We will try to match the accessories to your choice of bow colour. However it might not be possible to get exact colour matches. This will be done at our discretion and we might decide black is a better option for you at the time of making up your kit.

Please make sure you fill in the additional information boxes as this will help us get the correct bow for you. If you are unsure then please do not hesitate to contact us, or ask your club coach for help. We will choose the spine of the arrow for you based on the information you give us.

Please note that items may vary from the picture, but will always be of the same quality and cost, if not upgraded.

Generally these products are kept in stock. However if your kit is not available we will email you to let you know an eta. Normally a maximum delay of 10 days.

List Price: £425.00
Price: £395.00