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Tophat Screw-in 5/16 3D Combo - 20 & 30gn Points
Tophat Screw-in 5/16 3D Combo - 20 & 30gn Points
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Discounted 1 dozen Price £7.56p (63p per Point)

3D - Shape:
That especially for 3D animals/targets designed shape is characterized through its high effectiveness. In comparison with other arrowheads this 3D shaped arrow point enters more aggressive and strait into the target. Through the shape of the arrowhead there is a high resistance of diversion. This leads to less tension and therefore more protection for the shaft. The shape prevents rebound on the surface of the target.

20gn/ 30gn 5/16"Points are made from Aluminium

Tophat Combo Technology:
After a while conventional screw- in points become unfastened and they have to be fastened before shooting. The TopHatCombo points have a special o- ring screw locking device. The unfastening and retightening are no longer an issue.

Installation: TopHatCombo points have to be screwed in all the way.

Easy pulling: Similar to the wooden arrows the head diameter of the TopHatComboBullet is broader than the carbon shaft. This feature causes the effect of an expansion at the point of entry. This makes the pulling noticeable easier.

True-running accuracy of the arrow point: 0,006

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