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T.R.U BALL - Abyss Flex Quick Silver Release Aid
T.R.U BALL - Abyss Flex Quick Silver Release Aid

A wonderful step forward in Release Aid personalisation. The New Abyss Flex comes with interchangeable 3rd finger handles at are in their own right adjustable. You'll be able to get the fit you want no problem.

Combine this with the features of the Abyss and you have one amazing release aid.

The Abyss brass thumb activated button release uses the exact same handle as the Fulkrum with the same exact impact point.

The Abyss also uses the same Lever Alignment System (LAS) technology as the Fulkrum.
What does this mean?
It means that you dont have to worry about what hinge/back tension release to choose, you now have one to match in the Fulkrum.
If youre a hinge/back tension shooter you now have a match in a thumb activated release, the Abyss.

The Abyss comes with a unique three stage tension adjustment system, so all archers can be accommodated with their specific feel in trigger weight.

Also a simple locking travel adjustment screw, allows you to set the travel to your preference quickly and easily! An adjustable thumb trigger comes standard on the Abyss, allowing a where you want it feel. Crisp, clean and comfortable shots are what you can expect with the Abyss!

Package includes both 3 & 4 finger pieces!

NEW! Quicksilver finish; corrosion resistant electroless brushed nickel plated brass

Price: £250.00