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Hamskea - Versa Arrow Rest
Hamskea - Versa Arrow Rest

The Versa Rest maintains its versatility in that this one rest can still be configured as a limb actuated (top or bottom limb), cable actuate, fall away (cable, cable slide) or fixed blade.

Built like a Panzer tank yet performs like a fine Swiss watch!

The designs focused approach led to an End-2-End (E2E) sealed stainless bearing containment system and Zero Tolerance Technology (ZT2) that takes advantage of state of the art machining processes. These design elements result in a rest that maximizes your accuracy!

The pack includes all the hardware to configure your rest any way you choose.

Three launcher blade options - standard--A .012 Stainless Spring Steel Wide Blade Launcher, and a .012 Stainless Spring Steel Narrow Blade Launcher for the fixed position.

Comes with the Contoured Accu-Guide Launcher, which is a rigid launcher that can be used for target, 3D or hunting.
The Contoured launcher comes with a custom, pre-cut felt piece for ultra quiet performance while hunting.

Integrated into the design is the ability to adjust the angle of the launcher blade’s up position and down or stop position.
Employs a patent pending in-line spring mounted to the limb clamp that minimizes rest bounce up effect.

Employs an End-2-End (E2E) design which captures the outboard end of the shaft, driving the affects of bearing wear to almost zero.

Stainless steel bearings ensure a smooth “Swiss watch” type action.

In addition to the standard adjustments, the launcher blade can be positioned in multiple mounting holes allowing for large windage gang adjustments as well as three gang adjustment settings for elevation

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