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** The services listed below are for our labour, material costs & the building of new arrows.

They do NOT include the cost of the arrow components. Or the reworking of old arrows**

Arrow services outside of the scope of the sections below are chargeable at our

standard labour rate of 15.00 per 20 minutes.

Most Arrow Shafts purchased from The Archery Company are cut to length for free at the time of purchasing.

Additional cutting of arrows OR Arrows NOT Purchased from The Archery Company :- 0.45 Per Cut

Carbon and Aluminium Arrow Building:

Individual Arrow Made - 1.65 each (3 Fletch) - 2.20 each (4 Fletch)

Strip & re-fletch old arrows - 2.60 each (3 Fletch) - 3.20 each (4 Fletch)

All arrows will be made on a single jig to ensure consistent fletch position and angle across a set.

We use high quality acetone to clean shafts prior to fletching to get the best adhesion possible.

All Carbon arrows OR aluminium arrows using crest wraps will be fletched with Dragon spit glue.

Aluminium shafts will be fletched with Saunders NPV.

Points & Point inserts will usually be fitted using Dragon spit, to ensure they have the best chance of never coming loose.

However, very small diameter target arrows such as Nanos will have the points fitted using hot melt, unless the arrow manufacturer recommends otherwise.

When we fit points we don't just glue them in, we take extra time to ensure they sit concentric in the shaft, and that the arrow will spin-test as straight as possible.

We can always adjust what glue we use where; if you would like something different please let us know.

Wooden Arrow Building:

Dozen Arrows Made - 36.00

All arrows will be made on a single jig to ensure consistent fletch position and angle across a set.

We can either fletch right helical, left helical or straight at a 2 degree offset.

Shafts will be stained and sealed.

We will always do our best to try and supply you with the arrows as straight as possible however, as wood is a non-stable natural product we can not guarantee a particular tolerance of straightness.

Fixed Blade Broadhead Insert Alignment (Indexing): With Arrow End Squaring:

Dozen Inserts Aligned - 18.00 (1.50p per arrow)

For that extra level of consistency, we can square the ends of your arrow shafts before fitting the inserts.

This helps ensure that the point sits perfectly square in the shaft and reduces inconsistency from one arrow to the next which is critical to ensure good broadhead flight.

We will fit inserts in the shafts with the thread starting at the same orientation on all arrows. Ideally We will need one of your heads to check the alignment against.

However - Depending upon broadhead brand - Some versions do not have a consistent starting point for the screw thread in relation to the blades.

If you already have inserts fitted, and would like broadhead alignment, we can achieve this using the G5 - A.S.D Tool. By removing a small amount of material from the front of the insert, This will allow the head to rotate a little more in to the correct alignment.

Building Times:

We will try to get your Fully Made arrows out to you as soon as possible. However, the timescales will vary depending upon how busy our workshop is at the time of ordering.

As a guide line:

Carbon / Aluminium Arrows - can take up to 1 Week for completion.

Wooden Arrows - 2 Weeks - due to stain and sealant drying times.

If you have a specific time limit for the arrows then please contact us on 01767 262 533, prior to ordering discuss your requirements.