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Team TAC 2021

Meet the guys and girls who make up Team TAC!

Our Team members compete in all of the different societies within the UK and shoot not only in the UK but all over the world. They are part of the team as not only are they good archers, they are dedicated, helpful, knowledgeable and all round nice people.

Some of our Team are relatively new to the sport, some of them are World Champions and some regularly represent their Country in International competitions. So hopefully you will spot a few familiar faces.

If you see them around and have any questions you would like answering regards equipment, products that we sell or to ask them for some advise. Then please do so. They are there to help promote the sport and support The Archery Company and all of our customers.

We also have lots of our friends who support us - too many to mention! You will see them out and about sporting The Archery Company shirts (which are available to buy from us!)