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Firstly, and I think most importantly, I am an archer. 

I am at archery competitions / events most weekends.

If you need advice, the chances are I have been there and will be able to help. 

We are not just a shop that sells archery equipment, I am an active archer who
loves archery so much that I have taken it up full time. 

Tony Weston - Owner of The Archery Company.
I has been an archer for many many years. I has won numerous
National and International titles and I have coached everyone from beginners
to World Champions. 

I loves all things archery and I am well known on many of the Archery circuits. I have also competed on the European Pro Archery Series and on the ASA Circuit in the USA, shooting as Open Pro.

I am hands on with the business and love helping archers with coaching/bow adjustments. Nothing beats being able to sign off a beginner and introduce them to this amazing sport.